Monday, July 11, 2011


First, a heartfelt "thank you" to all of you who have been giving of your time and resources for the six Touchdown Camps in the past. We are looking forward to serving more than ever children and we very much THANK YOU in advance for thinking of the children again.

Sharing used to be a way of life in San Jose. I can remember growing up that neighbors would share fruit with each other. They would be helpful and give coupons. There was a sense of "we care about each other" that made a street a neighborhood. I was fortuntate to grow up where this "sharing" was a way of life. Most of the people on McDaniel Ave. had lived in those houses for a long time. Newcomers were welcomed. People knew who lived in which house. Sharing leads to a sense of community which leads to a sense of place and belonging. We all need this.

I just got a big bunch of plums from a neighbor and I was able to share from the lemon tree here in exchange. This seemed so perfectly normal BECAUSE I HAD BEEN TAUGHT AS CHILD. Today there are more needs around us than ever. We, as Americans, need to continue the old tradition of sharing. We need to get back to what I believe is one of the great traditions of our country. Make the bounty bless others. DEFEND THE CAUSE OF THE POOR.

I think we should share not just at Christmas. Jesus said "YOU CAN DO GOOD TO THE POOR WHENEVER...." This is WHENEVER TIME FOR USA. Let's not drop the ball and forget that we are going to be blessed inside as we give.

Big companies: get involved with little non-profits and don't forget where your blessings came from. Lost a job? Can you volunteer in the interim? Non-profits need your help. Made something and retired early and are bored to tears? Find your niche. Get out and look around. You don't have to get a paycheck to make a difference. If you share something your really care about ( a skill, a hobby, etc) with one other person and that person grows as a result you have done something that will give you a sense of satisfaction.


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