Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Italian Dinner

I have a long history of liking to go out for Italian food especially with my husband. Love the food but in thinking about it. I love the slow pace and the chance to take one course at a time.

We nibble and talk and slow down. Of course, its doesn't hurt that there are leftovers. The kind I am thinking about isn't food. Because a slow down in our pace can lead to a big, long conversation later. The kind of deepen communication we all want. It isn't the kind of fast food conversation that happens when you rush or are rushed at work or in all you have to do.

The slow down conversation starts and meanders and listens and talks. Yes, both of us get to chip in and really hear the other person's heart.

I will always advise for Valentine's Day or other that people go out for a long, unhurried dinner and just slow down. You might be surprised by what you find out about yourself and your loved one.

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