Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Mother's Day

It is the little things when you look back that count.
I found myself going out and getting a rose from the garden for my daughter who is visiting briefly. Then, I recalled that it was my mother: Myrtle D. Sutherlin who had started it all. She loved her garden in San Jose.

I never came home from college or elsewhere without finding a small token from her garden in my room. We always had something from the garden on the table even in winder. Holly or some other greens. At Easter it was lilies on the buffet. And in our rooms this time of year it was always roses. 

She loved beauty and she expressed her love with these gifts from her garden. She was a very busy woman who taught full time. Once I wondered where she prayed and then it came to me: in her garden.

May we honor all mother's in this month of May and remember that they did little things for us that live on.

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