Tuesday, May 14, 2013

How Project Lost Sheep Came About

Project Lost Sheep began when I was away on a retreat. It was very quiet. I was at our favorite family vacation spot and not expecting anything unusual. However, while I was on the very much run down basketball court just walking around I heard the words "Project Lost Sheep" and "seed to the future." I knew it was a call to work with children.

I went to my missions pastor in the church I'd been a member of for years and he told me I needed to start a non-profit. He gave me the name of a man in the church who could help.

Some time went by and I got some of my dearest friends together for lunch. Those who came seemed interested and the children's minister of the church came towards the end and affirmed that this mission was "from the Lord".

Of course, I didn't know what to do next but one of my friends, Audrey Hostetler, said she would pray for this work to be established.

We needed a church home and so I went to another church where it was easy to get a room for meetings and met with the pastor who was very positive about outreach to children. That is how we came to have the First Baptist Church in Menlo Park as our base for meetings.

The night of the signing or the incorporation papers we had a table with books on for a program that was going on and then our little group filed into the library for the signing of the papers.

There were 4 of us. One for each job. I became President because that was the job that was left. Little did I realize what I had just signed up for. My life took an entire new direction and I was on the biggest adventure of my Christian life!

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