Friday, May 10, 2013

Tutoring Gives Brain Boost @ Onnuri

I was just impressed with the tutoring improvements for the children and how God works in the Onnuri Korean Church in San Jose.

Children get help with their home work.
The same tutors work with the the children each week.
Children get close attention from high school tutors at
Onnuri Korean Church in San Jose.

Joyce Dueker, second from right, brings new mothers (one left) to visit program. 
Hyewon (on right) was part of the original prayer group that led to
the launch of a program at her church.

Adult volunteers cook food for the children, lead games, and even pick up high
school tutors from their homes.
A commited team is key to the successful launch of a volunteer program.
The home church is active in many mission areas.

Team leader, Glen Inn, top right.
Glen's enthusiasm is contagious.  He works full time for Cisco Systems.

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