Thursday, May 16, 2013


We don't hear or see much of this except on special occassions like Christmas or birthdays. Kindness tends to be extended to a circle of family, friends or even strangers. Maybe that is why we have a hard time looking out of our own little space to see how desperately the world needs kindness.

Love is kind.
If we really want to reflect our God to people we need to put on kindness in our actions, in our words, in our day to day life.

How do we show kindness? Be patient when you have to wait. Smile at the person who serves you. Give presents when it is out of season especially to those who have obvious needs. Celebrate the Lord's kindness to you. Remember His loving kindness. Pay attention because you are always the recipient as his child of his kindness. You can count on it. It may be as simple as a splash of sunshine on you on a dark day.

Someone will be there to give a comforting word when you are hurt. (The Lord's kindness sent that person.) 

 Someone will be there to help you when you need it. (The Lord helps you.) 

 When you need guidance. (The Lord opens a word to you from the Holy Bible.)

God is full of mercy and kindness all the time to all. Count on it. He proved his love to us dying on a horrid cross for our mistakes so we could have peace with God. What greater kindness could be shown than to lay down his life for us poor sinners?

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