Thursday, May 16, 2013


No wonder they went fishing. They had seen Jesus crucified and then he had revealed himself to them. Still it was "overwhelming". So John, Peter and some others went fishing. All night, with all there experience, these rugged men caught nothing. They were tired as dawn came and they had an empty boat.

From the shore Jesus said "Children, have ye any meat?"
> No
"Cast the net on the right side and ye shall find,"
153 fish swam into net

But, look a little closer, because Jesus already had fish and bread on a bed of coals ready for them. Jesus knows where his disciples are. He knows when they are tired and have fished all night. They sat and ate the bread he provided and the fish he grilled.

Jesus, alive from the dead, knew what they needed and provided for them because they were his children! 

"Believe and receive...."
St. John 21

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