Thursday, June 27, 2013

God Given Life Direction

It isn't easy to see a parent struggle because he has an adult son (over 21 year old) living at home, who has not found a path to follow. A parent who sees a grown up child struggle with lack of direction or addiction can only advice and at some point, exhibit "tough love".

In America, children can be pampered into believing that they will always be taken care of. There is always a soft spot at home. But like the mother bird, at some point, must nudge the baby bird out of the nest, so that the bird must fly.

Each parent must evaluate the situation and say: "Am I helping or hurting this young adult by letting him stay in the nest?"

There is a Biblical principal: In order to find, we must seek. Jesus said "seek and ye shall find,". This is true in the spiritual realm and also true in the real world. How do we know what fits for us if we aren't out there trying?

Years ago, I had a food business. It wasn't easy. We made fancy sauces and I was the one who made the deliveries. The product was good but one day I entered the wrong door of a grocery store and was told. "Lady you're in the wrong place."

It took me sometime after that to figure out that the food business was just not right for a mother with three children, nor was it right for a full time working husband who had to be involved in manufacturing.

But, to get back to the reality of life with the children whose parents are barely putting food on the table, working three jobs and for the most part have little education: what kind of life experience can they share except the very limited world view they experience.

Children, as we know, are sponges: they absorb everything around them- good and bad. So at camp, when we have different speakers giving them a vision of becoming: a teacher, a nurse, or a policeman etc, this information is really new to them and they respond with eagerness.

Children can get excited about a direction and will keep studying and persevere, because they want that vision to come true with the help of encouragement and support.

That is one reason why we opened the "LEG UP Scholarship" fund so that college can help at least one person who is moving in a "God Given" life direction, against all odds.

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