Monday, October 7, 2013


Anticipation is a wonderful thing. Sometimes we adults get out of the habit of looking forward to something with unmitigated enthusiasm.

We may get excited the day of the trip but we are too busy getting ready to have that child like buzz of anticipation. Every year before camp, the phone starts ringing at Verbo Church in Redwood City. The children are calling: "When is camp this year," a little voice asks. The answer is: not until August 5th.

That is a long time to wait if you are small and mainly you stay inside your apartment because that is where it is safe for you to be. The days go by slowly. Maybe you went to camp last year and you remember how great it was.

The games, the fun, the new friends you made. And yes, the sports, and the good things you learned about God. It was fun! And beyond that you were in a different place one that you can't wait to get back to. Yes, you want all your friends to come and your little sister and your cousin.

Why does it have to be such a long wait? "I can't wait" is something a child will frequently say. They are in anticipation mode. Let me tell you it looks like this camp nine in Redwood City is going to be very large.  The needs are real. The time is short. Childhood lasts such a short time.

One week of fun and learning is a highlight of the summer for most of our campers. We know that camp makes a difference. We see campers, now teenagers, back to serve because they remember how great camp was and they are anticipating a different life ahead because they are hoping to go to college and they want the kids to have what they got only a few years ago.

It's a short season of anticipation. Every year, we count on God. We anticipate help and all needed as we go forward in faith. Let's hope together and work together for the BEST CAMP EVER! And this is just the start, asyou know. There are other children in other cities who only long for camp. Let's anticipate something good for them, too.

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