Monday, October 7, 2013

Seed Time And Harvest

There is a natural cycle that we all know from nature. If you plant in due time you will reap. If you plant grass seed then in time and with much care you will have a nice green lawn. But, it is not just that one seeding that counts, it is the reseeding.

My mother in law, Ruth, used to seed her lawn in S. California in January with new seed. Her lawn always looked good because it was reseeded. I am very concerned for America that we are counting in are moral fiber if you will on some old seed. It is not that the seed isn't good. We know that God's Word is always good. It's just that the Word must be reseeded in many ways in this generation. If we want to have a generation of God fearing adults it starts with the children having good seed put into their lives.

We all know that the evil one is constantly seeding tares or weeds. We are not to worry about that but we should be concered with our roll in getting the Word to this generation. As you know we really seed Biblical truth at our camps. We see results in a few years in teenagers who have chosen to enter the church, to stay in school and to have a different life from that of drugs and gangs.
by Grahame Rees
If we want a strong America, we Christians all need to be active in our lives in seeding into our children, grandchildren and yes, beyond our family circle. Support the seed planters. Become a seed planter yourself. Roll up your sleeves. Look at the lawn of your own community. Where are the bare spots. is it time for you to buy seed and top soil and get out there and do something?

We encourage you to be inspired and to first pray for your city and then get out there and broadcast seed as much and as often as you can. Without seed planting there will be no harvest.

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