Monday, October 7, 2013

Latest Developments In October 2013

Dear Friends,
The 9th Touchdown Camp is now part of history. We with your help were able to serve 161 children for the week. Over 20 teen volunteers helped besides volunteers from Verbo. From the youth volunteers, 10 had been former campers.

As Darlene Stethem wrote me. "The ones who were little children a few years ago are leaders today." We do not just provide an activity with camp we provide a door to a different life in both the spiritual and physical sense.

Darlene says, "We will never really know the impact we are making when we reach a child." Darlene and her team from Chlld Evangelism make sure the children get plenty of spiritual food. I just this hour received the report that there was a good response all week to invitations to receive Christ. These are real and we will see the fruit in changed lives further on. A highlight for me of camp was hearing the story of Hudson Taylor that was dramatized by Patty Cardona and her team. The costumes and drama again caught the attention of the children. Patty invited those who wanted to serve like Hudson Taylor with their lives to come forward and pray and about 30 children responded. God only knows what He will do with those as they become adults and are deployed.

So from small seeds and tender hearts great things again come. The scripture up on the wall was: HERE I AM - SEND ME. I also want to share with you that we are expanding to other cities. San Jose has a camp and tutoring program and now we are looking and praying for other cities in the US. This is just the start. Please pray for Chicago and any city in LA area that you have concern for.

It's a big country, with big needs. The children really are lost. They are kidnapped and blinded by the God of this world. Wouldn't you like to make a difference?

Joyce Dueker, 
Founder of Project Lost Sheep

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