Monday, October 7, 2013

Waiting In His Glory

One of the things I still am working on is to be patient when made to wait. Very few of us like to be put on hold with piped in music or made to wait for anything. Yet, waiting with God can give us a different perspective.

Why are we sitting in that room? Does someone nearby need prayer? That is frequently the case and if we stop being impatient we will see the person who needs us to pray. Or, it maybe that we need to talk to someone or give someone a Word from The Word.

Painted by Judy Douglass

We are to be ambassadors for Christ wherever we are. We are not to get ourselves into a state over waiting. We need to know that waiting can have eternal consequences for someone near us. As soon as we do what we need to do for the kingdom, we will feel a lot less pressure.

A number of years ago when in long lines at the post office, I started to pray for people. I'd like to say I am still good at waiting and praying.

Today, I was reminded that God has me "waiting" for His purposes. If I just tune into what He wants me to do, the answers will be revealed. Prayer... is the key. God will redeem the times when I wait for his purposes.

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