Thursday, March 20, 2014

Up in the Air

How do those Olympic ski people go backwards up in the air and do somersaults. And land on their feet backwards.

We watch and are dumbfounded. The answer is, they are trained for the impossible by years of doing small jumps? And not being afraid of falling because they know now to roll. Of course it is. Dangerous and to the non expert skier it looks well nigh impossible.

Every excellent in sports involves training and experience. No one gets to the top without discipline and self denial and a good coach. It is in the life of the spirit. We need to listen to our instructions. We must know who we are serving and we are not competing for an earthly gold medal but for something much more lasting.

We will feel pain. We will be disciplined for our own good, but if we stay the course, we will be able to do things for God, we could never have imagined.

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