Thursday, April 10, 2014

Persistence and Perseverence Goes a Long Way

I was encouraged recently in again asking for car donations from a gas station manager that had been approached before. This time I spoke to one of his workers who then passed on the need to the other person.

It was God's timing because this time THE MESSAGE WAS HEARD. We need to be persevering in our telling others about what we are about and what we are offering. 

Repetition is one of the things we learn to remember things. But, persevering sometimes means saying the same thing over and over. Teachers know this as do sales people. There is a moment of receptivity and we don't know when this is.

There is a local preacher who preserves in asking people if they would like to receive Christ as Lord and Savior. This is an invitation that happens almost weekly. This week, there were 3 responses.

So, we continue to ask, like the persistent widow, for what we need from God. Persist in prayer. Keep at it. God hears and wants to respond but He knows whether we are only giving lip service or really praying from the heart. Today, I was encouraged that a total stranger said yes to praying for the city of Laguna for our work. Of course, there is trouble in rich communities, but we cannot come to the city unless someone is in prayer and cares.

Do you care? Will you persist in knocking at the door of heaven? Will you ask others for what we need? A few minutes of your time can and will transform the children and in time the city. 

Jesus said. "You have not, because you ask not." 
America, it is time to rediscover asking God.

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