Friday, April 18, 2014

What Easter Means

Many Americans have lost lots of money in the stock market but there is one thing I would like to say that is good about the stock market. It is closed on Good Friday and has been every Good Friday in all the many years it has been in operation.

In America, banks used to be closed for part of the day on Good Friday, so that people could go to church to prepare for Easter. Many other businesses were closed that now are open and that is a real shame. Because, we all of us need to think about Good Friday and reflect on what happened, whether or not we are able to accept Jesus's sacrifice there. The Bible states that Jesus died ONCE FOR ALL. His blood on the cross opened a way to God that we who were in darkness might come into the light and know peace with God because of Good Friday.

Jesus knew and told his disciples that he would be handed over to the Gentiles and be mocked discouraged and crucified. Jesus prayed for this "cup" of suffering to pass, but it was not God's will that the cross would not happen. Jesus died as the sacrificial lamb for us. Jesus also predicted that in three days he would rise again.

This is Easter. The great triumph of His life over the death that is inherent in man through his sin nature. Can I have peace with God any other way? Can I do enough good deeds to get into heaven? Can I be a better person than someone else and get there? Can I do all kinds of sacrificial things to earn my way? The answer to all of these is NO.

That is why we must put our eyes on the cross. The cross may seem foolish to the some but God is wiser and has provided for all of us.

Do you want peace? There is only one way to get lasting peace. Acknowledge the cross. Suggested prayer: God, thank you. I accept your son's death on the cross for my salvation.

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