Thursday, September 11, 2014

Words of Encouragement

It is really hard to believe how powerful our words are for good or for harm in people's lives.

I have spent some time today reading birthday cards, notes from teachers about kids, thank you notes and other things collected for a second reading. The reason these cards are so important is that they have something encouraging to say to me about a family party or accomplishment of children.

 Of interest is that many of these people are no longer on planet earth. The dear notes from my mother. The very lovely notes from Eloise Hardman, first secretary of Project Lost Sheep.

The night we were incorporated Eloise said. "I will do the job but I don't do the computer." She was about 80 at the time. Eloise was a real encourager. She always had time to listen to me and she noted with interest the development of the kids. She always had something positive to say. She also would invite me over to her house and as a young mom I really appreciated the time to sit in her living room in the quiet.

 Eloise Hardman was a dear friend. Without her willingness to back me up, there would not have been the required person to sign our official papers. Are you thinking you are too old to do anything? Think again. And do write notes of encouragement to your grown children, your grandchildren, and anyone you can say something about that encourages them.

We live by in large in a distrustful and cold world. People who encourage us are like gas in the tank. They keep us going. Even years later, an old birthday card, or Christmas card with personal note or Mother's Day card can give us an uplift.

"Do not neglect to do good when it is in your power to do it." We need to build each other up in love.

If writing isn't our thing then find someone to call on the phone and allow thirty minutes. No short cuts to really encourage someone who may be lonely and needed your voice just to lift their day.

God is full of mercy. When we extend ourselves and see and say what is positive in others we are helping that person to grow and be grounded in love. We need each other. We can't get strong unless we build each other up. It's as simple as that.

If you are thinking of someone right now, it is time for you to act. Don't wait. 

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