Thursday, September 11, 2014

Seeds grow

This afternoon I have been looking at pictures of campers from past camps. We started in Redwood City in 04 with approximately 40 campers. We have planted in young lives many good seeds of truth from Gods word.

Now over 1000 children have been through a Touchdown kids camp. I am not excited about the number but I am interested in how God has grown the seeds planted in these lives, last year a child came to camp. After that the entire family came into the church, this family is now growing in faith and love with all kinds of help.

If you look at a seed, it seems insignificant. As a child I just couldn't believe that those tiny seeds put in dirt would in time produce a plant with flowers. We know that the Word of God is so powerful that one verse can cause a grown man to fall to his knees, repent and be saved. These Biblical seeds planted in children's lives now may not seen to be active but they are inside the child and will grow in time according to Gods purpose.

What seeds are you planting in the children around you. There are all kinds but the kind that last are seeds of the Kingdom of God. I see the pictures of campers from 07. Where are they all now? We have worked the soil and planted the seed. We have done the job and will continue to work as doors are opened in other cities.

We have prayed. I think of my friend, Audrey Hosteler, who prayed in the Founders group. I once asked her how she got so much prayer in. She said, while she was working grooming pets. She put lots of love and care into the start of Project Lost Sheep. The seeds she planted in me have lasted because I never give up. God wants all the children to receive His blessings. It is not His will that any of these little ones be lost. Do you believe that?

If you can pray, please do this for us. Prayer changes things. We need your help to breakthrough in cities like Bakersfield, San Bernadino and Chicago. Prayer is the shovel that turns over the ground so we can go in and plant and plant and plant.

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