Sunday, March 8, 2015


Do you remember way back to elementary school when at some point you were asked this question: "Do you want to be friends?" That was a pivotal moment that changed who you sat with at recess, who you shared secrets with and who you listened to.

Friends as we grow up are very important especially those who have known us for years. When starting a new Project Lost Sheep group I like to see people who are friends join in. Why? Because they know each other, trust each other and will stay behind each other during times of waiting
for the action to happen.

Friends are different from clients or business associates. Friends know us outside work. They know about our families. They know our weak spots and still love us. We need to have affirmation and connection with others and especially in the body of Christ we need to be friends that stick close.

Jesus commanded his followers to LOVE ONE ANOTHER as he had loved. Love is the basis of ministry together. We can follow programs or we can grow up together in our relationships with each other by spending time with each other, praying with each other, crying with each other. Real friends will show up at a funeral where you are hurting. Real friends don't run away when something bad happens. They come closer and feel your pain.

Friends will cost you time. Friends will sometimes hurt your feelings as you have hurt others but friends are essential to being a thriving human being. If you climb to the top of the heap and there is no one there you will experience a great hole of loneliness. If you have no time to be real to someone along the way you are missing the way.

Take time to make a friend or two along the way. They will bring balance and perspective to you and you to them.


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