Saturday, December 17, 2016

Getting into the Mood of Christmas

The most wonderful season is here and as I write looking out on fresh snow I am thinking of the best ways to get ready for the birth of Christ.

We can get all caught up in the celebrations, the trees, the buying and Wrapping of gifts and there is nothing wrong with these outward things but think back on last year. What really got you to the heart of Christmas? Did you really experience God?

Here are a few steps towards a deeper Christmas. 

1. Play Christmas music that feeds your soul.
Recommended on Amazon: 
- CLASSIC CHRISTMAS HYMNS AND CAROLS by choir of Kings College, Cambridge.
- THE MESSIAH ...  all of it. Many versions
- THIS IS CHRISTMAS, the most beautiful music.

2. Take time to enter into the joy.
- Cut out things that you don't enjoy and give yourself a break.
- Movie for the whole family: Christmas Angel ...

3. Take time for quiet and personal devotion.
- Put down the paper and take down the Bible.

4. Give thanks for your God and for the divine child. 
- Hold your focus on the things that last! 
- Read Luke 2

As we approach the manger this year may our hearts be prepared
To receive the miracle of life that awaits.


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