Saturday, December 17, 2016

Pray sincerely, open your heart and expect something

It is interesting to me that although God knows all about us even to the number of hairs on our head and our thoughts and words we know little of now He works.

Praying real, heartfelt prayers can open your understanding to more of how wonderful this God, our Heavenly Father really is.

What if we are undecided whether or not to go on a certain journey? The time for good ticketing is short. We want to go but we don't know if this is Gods plan or not.

We can dare to pray with a time limit. Here is a real specific and time limited prayer and it is OK to do that.

God, your plans are always good for me and your timing is perfect. I need you to let me know in the next 24 hours if I am to go on this trip.

Now this isn't a game. It is a real thing you are wrestling with. Should I go? Is it In His plan that I go?

And I can tell you with certainty if it is sincere, specific prayer that God your maker will let you know what the answer is. You may hear in the middle of the night. The confirmation that your answer has come is that you will feel peaceful, not stressed, about going, or not going.

There is such deep security in knowing that we have such a loving Father who wants good things for us and knows us completely that we can pour out our hearts to him without reservation and know He hears and gives His perfect answer!

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