Monday, April 6, 2020

Quiet Moments Out

So, we all are staying inside our homes even in Idaho. My big gym is open to ten people at a time. Put your name on list and we can connect...  or you can head to hills to exercise or go to drive through coffee.

It is a good idea for all of us to get out of our homes while complying with health rules. Somehow being outside on a spring day can lift our spirits. The sky is still up there. The big cumulus clouds are beautiful to behold as they change shapes and colors.

The ducks still swim on the pond and chase each other. We can find moments like these in each day. The family can take a hike together and weather permitting find a spot for a picnic. PICNICS are just one of my favorite things. So, I may not be hiking up Mt. Everest but I can take a refreshing walk and get out my picnic LUNCH and EAT it quietly and deeply relax.

Getting ourselves in balance requires meditation. "Be well balanced."  Can we practice this today and feel peace and quiet come into our hearts?

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