Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Open Skies

It is spring all over with blossoms and trees showing new leaves. A walk is a good thing to lift our spirits in this trying time for America. And yet, there are some very encouraging things happening.

This week, I found out that some pastors from different churches that proclaimed Christ as Lord mentioned this and prayed for our area using a video conferencing by This to my knowledge has not happened in the Boise area.

The church is starting to be visible as force outside buildings. This is the new normal. Open skies can mean more people being open to spiritual messages all around you.

Today on my walk, I noticed a young woman who had about 80 medium boxes packed on her lawn. "Are you moving?" I asked. "No," she said. "These are from my dialysis and I no longer need them." The boxes led to a spiritual conversation with her about Jesus as the healer. I encouraged her to read the gospels Mathew, Mark, Luke and John to see Jesus healing.

She nodded, listening across the correct distance of more than six feet, for I was walking in the street. I could see she was wide open to what I was mentioning, and I was so was bold enough to suggest a prayer to receive Christ with her.

Here it is: 
"Thank you, Lord Jesus for healing me. I ask you to forgive my sins. I invite you into my heart and thank you for dying on the cross for me."

"I will pray that with my parents," she said quietly. "Good." I said. 

Let's not miss any opportunity to share our faith under the open sky above us.

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