Tuesday, May 5, 2020


A small hummingbird came to visit me early this morning. I watched quietly as it took sips of water off a rose leaf outside my window. Such a small bird requiring only a few drops of water to be refueled. And then in a second it flew off at top speed.
I felt watching that this was a little visitor from above, perhaps with a message. The birds are free to fly. They come visit in season, and they have to stop to have a sip of pure water now and again.

We, like hummingbirds, especially in this season, need to find where our drops of refreshment are. We need to stop beating our wings and flying around at a terrific pace in order to benefit from the times we are in. We are in a place where we can find new places to pause and rest and rehydrate, drinking in all the drops of joy and peace God wants us to have.

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