Saturday, April 9, 2011

Living Above Our Circumstances

Most of us believe that we are in charge of our circumstances. That is what gets us into trouble to start with. It is true that we may have done something to land us in our circumstances, but getting us out is not all up to us.

Here is why. God sees our circumstances and is above them. He has promised us that ALL THINGS WORK TOGETHER FOR GOOD FOR THOSE WHO LOVE GOD.

Apostle Paul wrote that he has learned how to abound or be abased. In other words, he knew how to live with plenty and live without. Now, we all might prefer the first choice but that is not always how life goes.

How do we do when are job disappears? When the money goes down? When we are abased? Paul says to live above our circumstances we must:

l. Rejoice in the Lord always.

I think rejoicing involves thinking back on all the ways God has taken care of us in the past. Rejoicing helps us reflect on God's unchanging character.  His faithfulness, his mercy etc. Rejoicing is a celebration of our unchanging relationship with the Lord. He still loves us even if we are paupers.

2. Let the Lord strengthen you in the trial or circumstance that is pressuring you.

Talk to him about your work. Let him into the pressure area. Spend time with your eyes and heart upon the Lord who can make a way through the Red Sea. Who has provided a Savior? Who is only a prayer away?

3, Cast your cares on the Lord.

Think of a fisherman throwing his line out into the sea. He casts it out there and then he waits. We cast the current care on the Lord with a prayer. Something like this: "Lord you know the pressure I have about X, Please strengthen me and guide me with your wisdom."

It is very easy to let the circumstances become god to us. We think it is in charge. We will never escape it, we will never survive it.

Remember, Paul was in a Roman prison (not a good place to be) when he wrote the letter to the Phillipians. He told Christians to rejoice. He was practicing rejoicing in his circumstances so he could live above his circumstances and be used in his circumstances for God.

His courageous, outrageous faith burst out of the prison he was in and gave us a roadmap to follow. Pull out of your bog. Get your feet into the path of faith. Let God into your circumstances today.

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