Saturday, April 9, 2011


Aren't we all looking for this? We want something, not quite sure what it may be that gives us a deep sense of well being.

The world may tell us that satisfaction comes from more money. But, we only have to look at the wealthy to know that that is not necessarily true. In fact, the wealthy seem to be less satisfied, by in large than the poor. The poor live simply and they are very focused first on basics like paying the rent, getting food in for the family and taking care of loved ones.

It is not about achieving, it is about being in relationship to others that we can find deep satisfaction. Wealth, in fact, can isolate a person from what he or she most needs and that is love and interaction with others and not just the rich who are just as "edgy" and self focused.

Jesus talked about a kernel of wheat falling to the ground and dying before it came to life again. Like so many illustrations we need to think about this.

l. The kernel is not important until it goes into the ground.

2. While it is "unseen" the life that has been put into this kernel sprouts and the plant grows. Roots go down into the soil and the kernel becomes a plant that emerges into the light again.

3. The plant then reproduces and more kernels fall to the ground.

This pattern is a cycle.

There is death to the kernel as it was. There is hidden growth in the ground. There is resurrection of the new plant which becomes much more fruitful by bearing more kernels that can then fall to the ground.

Of course, that is fine for a plant but Jesus spoke in parables so that those who had ears to hear could really hear what he was saying about them.

Satisfaction? Do you have it? Are you willing to die to self in order to find new life? Are you willing to be invisible and hidden so that the growth can take place in order to make your life both satisfying and fruitful?

Think about it. Are you satisfied?

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