Monday, December 31, 2012

Compassion In Our Hearts

It is raining hard. The skies are gray in sunny California. This is "winter" for us. And yet driving down the streets at night there are many Christmas lights up which bring cheer and comfort.

Families are gathering. Friends are communicating. And little evidences of more love show up. A woman "adopted" an older 90 year old woman as her mother and was buying her a colorful long sleeved polo "because she is always cold."

Compassion has to do with reaching out beyond our own circle to include and share with others. We as Americans have this heritage of caring for others because of the Christian base of loving others laid down here long, long ago.

We know in our heart of hearts, despite all the materialistic hype, that true satisfaction will only come when we forget ourselves and serve and care for others.

This kind of "other centered" living can only really come as we receive the gift of grace that came down to us in a small package called Jesus. Do you know him yet? Read his story in the gospel of Luke. Jesus is for real. If you want real life seek the one who came to seek and save lost sheep.

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