Monday, December 31, 2012

Never Alone

One afternoon this week I decided to stay in by a fire. There are always errands to run and one more business thing to care for but sometimes we need to stop.

We just need to pull the plug on action and go into quiet and let ourselves get still. As an hour went by I felt myself slowing down and a restoring process started. I prayed about some things that needed to be voiced in that quiet room. I recalled some "victories" that had been achieved.

I opened the Bible and reflected. Our strength does come from the Lord and like a cell phone needs to be plugged in for recharging, we need to plug ourselves into the presence of the Lord to get recharged for the next steps. No great things were achieved that afternoon.

I lingered.
I rested.
I read.
And as I look back on that afternoon I remember it with special sweetness because I was not alone. As we enter into this holy season may we not miss the moment when God comes to us

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