Monday, December 31, 2012

Kids Don't Forget

Our president, Patty Cardona and a group from Verbo church in Redwood City recently went to a homeless to give food and gifts. 

After this had been done has everyone was leaving two girls came up and one said. "We know you. We went to your church to camp." 

Kids never forget. One good thing like camp in the life of a child is a huge memory. Kids remember the fun. They remember the park and the food. They remember where they went.

Church becomes a "good place" not something they haven't experience. One girl a few summers ago was trying to tell me what her experience at Touchdown Camp had been: "This is FUN CHURCH" she said. She recognized the fun but she also knew there was much more in our program.

Let us not forget that what we plant we harvest in the church. It is time for all churches to open wide the doors to the community and especially we are to "remember the poor" as we have been instructed to do. Jesus said "the poor you always have with you." Let us get our hands dirty and our hearts filled as we reach out to the poor around us.

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