Saturday, March 19, 2011


We are all aware of what a biological family is. But, there are family connections in friends, and even those who have been influenced by our parents values by either living with us through adoption or influence.

Because parents have a set of values that are given to their children there is a common bond in these things. For example, in my family growing up, my mother was very keen on education. All three of us daughters got teaching degrees and spent some time out there as teachers.

Beyond the common bond of blood, we have the common bond of shared influence, values and memories.

When we come to faith in Christ we are born again into the family of believers that is worldwide. We have a common teaching (The Bible) and we have a direction for our lives through that word. We are related not by the blood line but we are integrated to one another because inside us we have the same Spirit that cries out "Abba, Father". We have a heavenly Father and we share Him with each other. That is why we pray for each other and root for each other and I sure hope LOVE ONE ANOTHER which is a command.

I can remember my Dad saying when we sisters were having a fight with each other. "Will you girls just knock it off." By this he meant that we didn't need to do this and he was directing us to stop doing what we did right now.

Of course, Christians have fights with each other. We are human. We misread each other. We judge each other thinking we know ..but we don't. Only our heavenly Father can judge. He alone is the righteous judge.

We are born into a biological family but look around because beyong this if you have asked Jesus into your life and have accepted his death on the cross for your sins, you have a BIG BIG spiritual family with all kinds of relatives.

You have brothers, sisters, mothers and dads. You have, in fact, the body of Christ and you are very important in it. You can get taught. You can get corrected. You can get redirected. You can also help others. Pray for others. Love others. In fact, if you take this very seriously, you will discover that in the body of Christ there is a miracle for you.

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