Monday, March 21, 2011

My Observations

In this story we have two feuding famillies at each others throats and blood has been spilt. But, inside one of the famillies there was a man who wanted the feud ended.

Gerald Fitzgerald inside the Cathedral took action. 
1. He ordered a hole be hacked in the oak door
2. He humbled himself by asking his enemy, Black James for a truce.
3. He took a personal risk by placing his arm in the hole in the door.
If there was no truce, he would be without an arm.

The result was that Black James shook his rival's hand ending the feud. We see here some keys to forgiveness. Wanting to stop the feud. Taking personal risk.

Forgiveness always is risking and humiliating. It is costly and dangerous but the results are worth it.
l. Families are healed
2. A pattern is set that makes forgiveness an option for future generations
3. There is a Door.
When we position ourselves to forgive we have God's grace on our side.

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