Saturday, March 5, 2011

Looking At The Children Of Your City

One of the things we all struggle with as Christians is to get the Lord's priorities first and not be so concerned with our agendas.
In San Jose,where a new Project Lost Sheep group is forming, I have given the ad hoc team the assignment of LOOKING AT THE CHILDREN OF YOUR CITY.

This is so important because if we don't see the children, we can't see what Jesus wants us to do to serve these children. Children are important to Jesus. He said "let the little children come unto me for of such is the kingdom of God."
Children have something that we very much need. Jesus put the children in the center of the circle because the disciples were trying to keep them away from Jesus thinking he had more important things to attend to.
If we are honest and we look at our hearts, do we really care what happens to children that are not in our own family? Do we care about the children down the block or in the downtown. Do we care that children IN AMERICA have no place to play and cannot afford to go to camp and they are LOCKED in stuffy apartments by themselves to "grow up" informed by tv!
I can recommend that adults take a walk around the block or go to a park and watch children play. Really look at the faces. Look at a child when he is crying or laughing. Remember that every child is important to the Lord.
I was out recently and saw two children with their parents at a casual eating place. The parents were talking to each other. The children were not interacting with anyone except for their digital devices.
There are other children who are poorly dressed or not able to have parents who can help them with their homework. How would you feel if you had a family that could never help you with your homework?
Let's not just keep our eyes on those who are our own height. Let's look down and see what Jesus saw when he looked at children and then say.

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