Wednesday, March 9, 2011


If you have ever had a house built or done an extensive remodel, you know that the foundation part really takes a great deal of time, energy and money.

The whole has to be dug. The borders set. The markers put in. The concrete poured. It seems endless and in fact NO ONE EXCEPT THE TERMITE INSPECTOR may ever see that. However, the foundation is vital for the building. If it isn't right the entire edifice will be unstable.

Whether we are laying a foundation for a building, a friendship, a marriage or a Christian work, these
things must happen.

l. there must be a plan done by an expert.
2. there needs to be checking of the specifications.
3. there needs to be time- no rush.
4. there needs to be capital to finish.

Jesus said "a wise man builds his house upon the rock." Luke 6:48.
The rock represents a stable foundation. When winds or other trouble comes the house will not blow down or be destroyed.

I have been thinking recently of the seven years of foundation work that went into the Project Lost Sheep. We prayed. We waited. We had pastoral advice. We put down a deep foundation of friendship on the team. We asked God to direct us. We called prayer home base. We weren't building it for ourselves. We wanted God's work to be established...even when we weren't sure at all what the building would look like!

Think about it....

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