Wednesday, March 16, 2011


In memory of Connie Rhodes who went to be with the Lord a few months short of her 105 birthday

What can I say about Connie? She was a true friend of mine and a true friend of Project Lost Sheep. She lived in Menlo Park the entire time I knew her and lived independently until the last few years.

She was someone you could trust when you needed advice because she had walked with the Lord a very long time.

One time a number of years ago I was very discouraged about Project Lost Sheep. We had a meeting coming up but my heart wasn't in it. I was tempted to cancel the meeting.

Sitting at her kitchen table in her small apartment in Menlo Park I poured out my hear to her over a cup of tea. She listened carefully. She wrote things down on little scraps of paper. She had a bird clock that would sing on the hour. (she loved birds). She had many friends even in her golden years and a wonderful family. But the thing I loved about her most was her heart for the Lord was so constant.

She looked me in the eye after I told her I wanted to cancel the meeting and said. "Momentum, Joyce, momentum. Never forget momentum."

We held the meeting and went forward. When I think of Connie I smile. She kept me steadfast when I would have wavered. She is missed by me and the Project Lost Sheep.

We honor Connie Rhodes for her life, her example, her always being there. We will certainly miss her and look forward to our reunion someday.

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